My Love for Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn is seriously one of my all time favorite celebrities. Society thinks of Audrey Hepburn as a fashion/beauty icon and actress. Which, she was. However, there is so much more to her life that you should know. 

   Audrey was born in Brussels, Belgium on May 4, 1929. She began her ballet training during her time living in Amsterdam. She could speak 5 languages, Dutch, English, French, Spanish, and Italian. During World War II, her uncle was executed and her half brother was sent away to a German labor camp. “We saw young men put against the wall and shot, and they’d close the street and then open it and you could pass by again…Don’t discount anything awful you hear or read about the Nazis. It’s worse than you could ever imagine.“—Hepburn on the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. Her father was a Nazi sympathizer who abandoned her family. Audrey Hepburn also helped in the Dutch resistance by delivering messages and packages, and performing ballet at fundraising events.  She was so grateful for her own fortune during the German occupation that she dedicated the rest of her life after giving up her very successful acting career to helping impoverished children is some of the poorest countries. Hepburn became a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. On one trip to Ethiopia she said, “I have a broken heart. I feel desperate. I can’t stand the idea that two million people are in imminent danger of starving to death, many of them children, [and] not because there isn’t tons of food sitting in the northern port of Shoa. It can’t be distributed. Last spring, Red Cross and UNICEF workers were ordered out of the northern provinces because of two simultaneous civil wars… I went into rebel country and saw mothers and their children who had walked for ten days, even three weeks, looking for food, settling onto the desert floor into makeshift camps where they may die. Horrible. That image is too much for me. The ‘Third World’ is a term I don’t like very much, because we’re all one world. I want people to know that the largest part of humanity is suffering.”

She visited many many countries helping life for children and people everywhere better. Even after her death on January 20, 1993, her legacy and impact on the world lived on. “How shall I sum up my life? I think I’ve been particularly lucky.” — Audrey Hepburn. 

There are so many celebrities that we can choose to look up to. I personally choose look up to Audrey Hepburn for she is an amazing example to young women and people everywhere. Here are some quotes of hers that I love: 

-Maddie 💜


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