Youth Group Lake Trip

Hey Guys! This past week was “Water Week” which meant that anyone could surprise the others at their houses and get them wet in some way. On Wednesday night we had a massive water balloon war (they had food dye in them) and a slip-n-slide. The lesson my youth pastor, Terry, gave us was that water is mentioned in the Bible many times as “the source of life” and how trees and plants grow better when they are connected/close to the source of water. It is the same with us! When we as followers of Christ are spending time with Him and worshipping Him, we grow. However, when we disconnect ourselves from the source (God) then we tend to fall back and our relationship with Christ falters. 

To finish up water week, this past Saturday my church youth group went out to Possum Kingdom Lake for a fun day at the lake. It was so much fun! We went on a party boat, speed boat, tubing, swimming, cliff jumping…it was one of those days where it was impossible not to be happy. It was so perfect that it felt like I was in a movie. ​

​”If all your friends were jumping off a cliff, would you jump too?”😂

My best friend, Harley, and I jumping together. 
      Harley and I on the speed boat.

Selfies with my favorite 💜

This was our party boat. Yes, it had a waterslide! 🌊

Here’s me driving the party boat! 

*Special thank you to Mr. Todd for letting us use his boats, picking my youth group up off the side of the road after our church van broke down, and for an awesome day! 💜 


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