The Kindness Project: Introduction

imageHey Guys! I’m going to be starting a new series on my blog that will becoming out once a week. It’s called “The Kindness Project“.

I’ve noticed a lot in our culture and especially my generation that kindness isn’t really a popular thing and most people have an attitude of sarcasm and annoyance instead. This includes me! I’ve been inspired and convicted by seeing several of my friends and how kind and genuine they are. It had made me realize how much our world needs people to go out of their way to show kindness.

So what’s “The Kindness Project” anyway? Every Sunday I will be posting a blog post with a kindness challenge for that week. Some will be super simple and some might make you go out of your normal routine a little more. In addition to the weekly challenge, I will also have a weekly quote about kindness to inspire and encourage y’all. I hope that you will remember it throughout the week as we try and live out kindness.

Let’s make kindness trending again, you never know whose world you might change.

I hope you join me each week in doing these challenges and striving to be kind. I truly think it will make an impact on the people around us. -Madison💕



4 thoughts on “The Kindness Project: Introduction

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