The Kindness Project Week 3

Hey Guys! Sorry I took such a long break from this series. I’m back and will be doing The Kindness Project weekly😄 

Weekly Kindness Challenge: 

Write an encouraging note (it can be short and only a sentence long if you want). It could even be a nice quote or Bible verse. Put it in a random book at a library, bookstore, or a book at school. This will hopefully encourage and bring a smile to a random persons face this week. As always, feel free to do more than just one note if you would like. Take the challenge and choose how it would work best for you. 

Weekly Kindness Quote:

“Be silly, Be Honest, Be Kind.” -Ralph Waldo Emmerson

I hope this encourages you and helps you through this week in our endeavor to “make kindess trending again”

The Kindness Project:


Week One

Week Two 

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. I hope you have a blessed day -Madison💛


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